My Sweet Escape


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My Sweet Escape Bakery

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Come in and try our quick options for a 


- Morning Special: 1-Sausage Kolache, 1- Fruit/Cheese Kolache & 1- Coffee/Tea

-Biscuits -n- Sausage Gravy

-Croissant Breakfast Sandwich : egg, cheese & sausage or bacon

-Quiche: Fresh made daily



My Sweet Escape Bakery


"The Sweetest Spot in Woodland Park"



Home of the "Kolache"  (pronounced ko-LAH-chee)

A Czech pastry that holds a dollop of fruit or sweet cheese

rimmed by a puff pillow of dough.


"Kolaches weren't invented by a corporate developer, they have a history and  heritage"




Kolaches ~ Cupcakes ~ Custom Cakes ~  Muffins ~ Wedding Cakes ~ Cookies ~ Pies ~ and so MUCH more!





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